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New here!

Hi!  I just got engaged over the weekend and I thought I would introduce myself.  My fiance and I have decided to go for an August 2012 wedding.  I'm almost scared to ask how far ahead of me you ladies are in the planning process!  I just keep telling myself that if I can set a date and get the big stuff decided, I'll be okay until summer when I'll have more time (my fiance and I are both teachers).

Nice to meet you all!

Re: New here!

  • Welcome! and Congrats!
  • Welcome and congrats!! My fiance and I are both teachers too, so I definitely understand the stess of balancing such a demanding job and wedding planning...and the necessity of getting married in the summer!

    The Knot has a very helpful checklist tool - but it can be overwhelming at first.  I would focus on the big stuff first: booking a ceremony and reception venue and finding and officiant.  These are the necessities!  Then, focus on booking major vendors that you would like such as the caterer, DJ, photographer, florist, and cake baker.  Some of these vendors book up months in advance, depending on your area, so I would get these figured out before summer.  Also, starting looking at dresses ASAP because unless you order off the rack, dresses can take months to come in.  This sounds like a lot, but if you take it step by step you will be fine!  Lots of people plan a wedding in less than six months.

    Everyone on this board is very helpful, so don't be afraid to ask if you need help or advice!
  • Welcome. You can definitely get the wedding planned by August. Iknow plenty of people that have done it in 3 months or less. I would recommend looking for a checklist for shorter engagements. The Knot's is based on a 12 month engagement and can seem overwhelming that you are so far behind. My mom sent me a binder that had checklists for both long and short engagements which was useful.

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  • Congrats!! You can do it!
  • Congrats and welcome over here on the August borads. I know you are newly enaged but I am sure we can help you catch right up with the rest of us. :)
  • Congrats and welcome to the August board!!  Good luck planning, i"m sure you can make it work!! :)
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