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a little FSIL informed us the other day that she is having some trouble in her marraige, and my FI and I think that she's throwing herself into the wedding to distract herself.  She also has an over the top type of personality.

here's the problem...I have been feeling, and even more so the last week or so, that it is no longer my wedding.  I have no control.  No say so.  She and her mother keep buying and making stuff, then sending me pictures.  Today was for the pews.  I flipped out on my FI (poor guy).  Jake and I discussed the type of wedding we wanted...simple elegance.  SIMPLE being the key word.

first we were simply going to borrow some pew bow from a friend of hers...but she couldn't find them
next we were simply going to make some blue bows and put a white rose bud in the center.
THEN they decided we needed tulle everywhere
THEN THEY decided to make kissing balls for every other pew. 

What happened to the simple???  AND I only have a few cala lilies for alter flowers...adding all the kissing balls is going to introduce a whole new flower into the design that isn't seen ANYWHERE else.  And don't get me started on her idea for the unity candles (which I told her flat out I would rather not do...her idea for the holder) but she bought the crap to make it regardless.  UGHHHHH 

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    I'm probably a bad person, but I would seriously just take the stuff and tell them 'thanks, I'll put it in a box with other ceremony stuff' and then have that magically 'go missing' the morning of the wedding.

    Either way, put your foot down and tell them they need to find other ways to occupy their time.  Or is there a particular part that you don't care about as much (what the programs look like, or the restroom baskets) that you could let them go to town on and make their 'special project?'
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    they're already totally taken over the rehearsal dinner.  said I won't know until I show up what they're planning for that.  Am I just being to controlling?
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    I think your FI needs to talk with them. It's a rough spot for you bc it's his family, but he can say whats on his mind (and yours) and they might not like it, but hopefully would listen...
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    wow, I missed the IL part - my bad (clearly I need to get to sleep early tonight.)  Yeah, he needs to talk to them.
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    I agree with Lobsters haha, just say thanks, and have the trash can store them for you. Hahaha. But yes, DeClue is also right your fiance needs to start his "leaving and cleaving" now. He needs to draw the line in the sand with them. Let them know you're happy with how the planning is going and you'll ask when you need help.
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    Absolutely your FI needs to rein them in! It's entirely up to him to take care of this - not you. Have him talk to them!
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