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Advice please?

Can you help me fix my invite mistake please? 

Here's my situation... FI and I went to high school together in a fairly small town, so a number of our high school friends are invited.  Of course it was difficult deciding where to draw the line with invitations, but as we all know, you just can't invite everybody.  We made a list, sent our save the dates in January, then invites a few weeks ago.  

We spent the past weekend a the wedding of another friend from high school with almost all the same people as we've invited to our wedding.... except we realized that we failed to invite one couple and really wish we would have.  They are friends that we don't see all that often, but we always have a great time with them and really, we probably should have invited them all along.  They are in the same "circle" as the other people we have invited; I don't know why we didn't. 

When I mentioned to my mom that I really wished we would have included them, she suggested that I call the girl and just be honest.  Say, "Look, we had such a great time this past weekend.  I know we don't see each other all that often anymore, and that's probably how we missed you on our original STD list.  We would really love for you to be with us on our wedding day though."  They'll obviously know that invites are already out, but I don't really see this as a "B List" situation.  It's not like I only want them to come now because other people have RSVP'd no; we just honestly didn't think of them before and are kicking ourselves for it.  But what do you guys think?  SHould I reach out to her or is that just pointing out the fact that we didn't invite them in the first place?  
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Re: Advice please?

  • There's no harm in calling. I wouldn't say "know we don't see each other all that often anymore, and that's probably how we missed you on our original STD list", just say that there was a mixup/oversight and you're very sorry but would love for them to attend. Then send an invite in the mail.
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  • I would just drop the invite in the mail. You're still 5 weeks out. That's plenty of notice.
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  • If it were me, I would just send the invite and let it play out.  However, if your wedding was brought up at the last one you were at and others mentioned an invite or if they were going, then a personal phone call or note with the invite might be in order.
  • I agree with exactly what rungirl said... 
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  • i'd call em up and explain like PP suggested.  Being honest and apologetic will most likely go over well.

    FI and I are in a similar situation.  upon finding a house to buy, we learned that the people across the street are friends of ours from college.  we'll be moving in just before the wedding (we close in about a week!). we had already invited a small circle of college friends to the wedding, and that couple wasn't included ----- but we're learning that those that ARE invited will most likely be staying at their house.  Soooooo how do you move in across the street from friends and NOT invite them to your wedding when the other people staying at their house are going? =P

    We're planning to just stop by their house and explain that we had tried to keep the numbers small, but we would love if they could be a part of our day - especially since we'll be seeing them a lot more often =)
  • I also agree with rungirl. Just drop it in the mail. I doubt they'll even think twice about it.
  • I'm going to assume that someone has mentioned your wedding and possibly invites to these people. Especially if they thought they might have been invited..

    I would send the invite in the mail with a personal note and say "so sorry that this is getting to you late! Our apologies ,we hope you can attend!"
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  • AjoydAjoyd member
    I would also mail the invite with a personal note. Since it is still plenty of notice I wouldn't apologize for tardiness, I would just say "it was so fun haning out with you at soandso's wedding, hope to see you again in August!"
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  • Definitely invite them!  Definitely include a personal note and keep the explanation simple, "Sorry this didn't get in the mail sooner! Must be a case of "wedding brain"! We would love to see you!" signed Bride and Groom.  I think anyone who has been involved in wedding planning would understand!
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