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Will miss you ladies!!

Hope to see you on the Aug 2012 board on The Nest:)

Good Luck to the rest of you getting married:)  Relax and enjoy it cause its over so fast and next thing you know you've been married almost 2 weeks lol.
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Re: Will miss you ladies!!

  • see you over on TN.. ive already been checking it out. from what ive seen some of the people on certain boards are sort of mean and rude.... so i hope to see you nice ladies over on the Aug 2012 board as well.  This was definately a nice group of girls to have around for questions and advice!
  • See you at the August board. :)
  • I will have to check out the Knot! I was on the Bump and yes, ppl. CAN get a little rude at times so I left it..until I got engaged and found this board and everyone has been so helpful in this crazy planning phase of the wedding!
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