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A week away & feeling like this?

Does anyone else feel like everyone is against them (including FI)? or am I the only one? 

I'm so lonely right now and have been for the last week or so. I've got 9 days left till the wedding day and everyone and everything is driving me crazy - I cant take it much longer.

Is it just me?
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Re: A week away & feeling like this?

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    You aren't the only one.  I had a breakdown earlier today while FI was at work.  My best friend/MOH is supposed to be coming into town this weekend, and I haven't heard from her since the beginning of last week.  I've been trying to get ahold of her to find out when she will be here.  All I want to do is to talk to her.  FI tells me not to freak out, she is coming, but she has cancelled plans at the last minute.  I know she is coming to the wedding, but I want her to be here when she is supposed to be.  I love FI, but I need my best friend right now.  

    People having been driving me nuts with RSVPs not coming back.  I'm at the point where I'm just ready for everything to be over with.  
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    You are not alone. MOH is not listening to what i say or misinterpretting. Just plain stressing me out. I need it to be done and over. I had a breakdown yesterday crying on phone to FI since I got in a small parking lot bender bender last week and now im in a lot of pain in my back. Im using more of my vacation cause the doc said to go out and rest. So i was happy i at least didnt have to deal with work stress anymore but then a bodily claim person called and asking me kinda of questions and if saying they need to meet with me asap. I just wanted this week to be wedding stuff and trying to get better. I dont even know if i can wear my wedding shoes. I cant even get my car fixed yet, i just cant add another thing.  But despite everything I am starting to get excited for the day to come and see things start to come together.
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    Is it possible to take a small break for everything/everyone?  Go outside and read a book, take a bubble bath, go out for a brisk walk?  Crank up the music and try not to think about the wedding for 1/2 an hour...
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    You are not alone.
    I feel like everyone has been picking fights with me and my fuse is a lot shorter these days. My mom, FI, his family, ugh! When will it stop!
    The only person that is not is my MOH, thank god, because when we fight its pretty brutal lol. I can not wait for her to come home from her weekend away!
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    Feeling very much the same way! Although, I have one of the best friends in the world helping me get through everything right now. Helping to get all the little things done and in order. I don't know what I would do without her. I have had a few of my friends that have said all along that they were going to help decorate the venue the day before and say they were free all day, end up backing out and now having to do other things, kind of put me in a bind, but we will get through and try to get as much done as possible and it will turn out faboulus.
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