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2 weeks to go, many checks and a mini-meltdown

Ok, so I had my frist little wedding planning meltdown. But to make it this far relatively stree free is a good thing!  Lots of errands done today:

- picked up shoes for my reception (wedges for an outside party). This is a big check because they were supposed to be in 3 weeks ago and I was getting nervous. I had called the store once being concerned and all i got was a "don't worry we'll call you when they are in." I called again today and spoke to a differnt associate, explaining that I needed to know if they would be in in the next week or I'd have to cancel and find new shoes. She was great and after some research called me back to say they had been in the store with someone elses name! So thankful that she took the time to figure it out for me!
- bought a little extra special skin-care products so that I'm glowing on the 18th
- blank cds for my ceremony music
- used some of our GCs from my shower to get a bike rack for our car so we can take our bikes on our honeymoon!
- 1/2 way done my 2nd-to-last DIY: fabric pennent bannars 

Still feel like a lot of little things to get into place and make sure physically MAKES it to the wedding... but I think I't doable! How are all you doing with last minute everything?

Re: 2 weeks to go, many checks and a mini-meltdown

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    Oh! and I forgot I orderd a fantastic gift for my future husband that is scheduled to be delivered the day before the wedding and a ivory satin robe for me to get ready in (and take on the honeymoon!) that will be here next week!
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    We spent all day Saturday making favors, finsihing the place cards, working on last minute lists and the day off what needs to get done. So excited for less than 2 weeks!
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    We finalized the seating arrangements, and printed out the escort cards. And printed out the programs.  The only thing really left to do is put together the centrepieces, and my MOH and BM are coming over on Sunday morning to do that (I've put all the pieces together, they just have to arrange them).  Then we're having our girls' luncheon! FI and I been so busy doing everything in every spare minute of the day for the last few months, it seems a little weird to have down time so close to the wedding!  Everyone keeps saying "Relax, everything will be fine" -- and I know it will, but I'm still jittery!!! I hope everyone's day on the 18th is as fantastic and beautiful and memorable as we are all dreaming it will be. Congratulations to each of you, and good lluck!!
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