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Yeah..Break in those shoes

The other day I started breaking in my shoes by walking around my block to scuff them up on the bottom for some traction, and to get them to form to my feet.  Boy, am I glad I did too!  I got a GIANT blister on one of my toes!  That would have sucked on the wedding day!  Make sure you break in your shoes!!!!!

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Re: Yeah..Break in those shoes

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    I've been wearing mine an hour every night. So glad I started early
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    I wore them two weeks ago in sweatshorts and a tanktop while cleaning the house and crafting with my MIL, she asked me if I was starting a new trend, haha!
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    I have worn mine a few times all day and they are still a bit tight so I need to wear them more! I know I will put flip flops on later but need to make it a few hours in these.
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    Also started early with mine. :)
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    Oh man, thanks for the reminder! My shoes seem pretty comfortable, but I don't want to find out otherwise while I'm trying to dance my butt off. :)
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    I've been wearing mine around the house with socks....  FI was cracking up with me and my heels and socks on as I cooked dinner the other night.
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    I got married on Friday...even though I spent lots of time breaking in my wedding shoes, I forgot about my RD shoes! I was so sore, I ended up in flip flops for the entire reception!
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