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DIY Brag

I'm not a fan of big fancy pens by the guest book, but I also didn't want our pens walking away before everyone could sign it!  I found some help on pinterest, left over fabric from a previous project, double stick tape left from invites, and a $2 roll of ribbon.  Yay for $2 flower pens!!

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    That looks really great!!  I actually made centerpiece flowers out of tissue paper - they look a bit similar!
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    Pretty! I like the idea.
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    ooh, cute! do you have the instructions?
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    Very cute, and I second random, do you have instructions??
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    Here's the link to the flower making part.  I just added some ribbon in between the layers of flower petals while sewing them together to add something to stick to the pen.  I used double stick tape down both sides of the pen and stuck the hanging down ribbon to those after the flower was done.  Then I all but coated the rest of the pen in double stick tape and wrapped a new piece of the same color ribbon around the pen, securing it at the end with some tape on the inside of the ribbon.  I've seen white florist's tape that would look the same as ribbon on the pen if it's easier!  Thanks everyone!
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    Super cute
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