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Bridesmaid disaster averted! WHEW! CHECK/Vent :)

So my MOH tried on her bridesmaid dress back in December with a black sash from David's. The black sash was perfect! Went to David's to buy all 6 sashes for the bridal party today after work and they said they were DISCONTINUED! AHH!!

Ran home, got online to look and see if I could order some, NOTHING!

So my mother called 6 stores where she lives and 2 in another state. Between 3 stores and 2 different states we managed to get 6 sashes from their floor stock shipped home, and me barely making it to the one here before closing to get the 2 they had on hand.

Needless to say I am RELIEVED! Granted these sashes are the sample floor stock ones so they aren't in the best of shape, but they are black and we are going to get them dry cleaned. If anything no one will be able to tell they aren't in the most pristine condition.

Anyone have a crisis they averted to share?

Re: Bridesmaid disaster averted! WHEW! CHECK/Vent :)

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    No crisis here- but glad everything worked out for ya!!
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    I'm glad everything worked out.  We haven't had a crisis yet, and I'm crossing my fingers nothing comes up.
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    I had a situation fall into this category.  We saw our ceremony venue in August and were told they would pencil us in and that would hold it through the end of the year when a deposit was then required to hold it.  I followed up in December to see where to send payment and how much and they told us the hold ended in Sept or Oct (I don't remember which).  YIKES!!  It was still open and I paid the deposit, so no disaster, but to know I came this } { close is too close!
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    I had vented about this a couple weeks ago when it happened but we discovered that the date we picked for the wedding was not a date we had fi's daughter, but i think we have worked up an agreement with his ex so that we can have her for the wedding :)
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    Whew to both of you, dodged!

    Booking a venue and holding it is incredibily important when you plan a wedding, after all it's what you do first. They should have held it like they said! And I am glad the daughter got the weekend for your wedding, JJ :)

    Glad everyone's issues ironed out!
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    i mentioend this in an earlier post.but when we were booking the shuttle for the wedding I was set on a this trolley and I got an awesome deal. It ws available on friday afternoon and when I called back Monday to put a deposit on it- it ws already booked up. Even though the girl said it was reserved for me!!

    She ended up pulling a million strings and now we have the trolley :)
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    My FI and I had a crisis when we chose our WP members (multiple, but I'll focus on the one that STILL has drama lol).

    FI has 2 little sisters who are NOT close to me, nor do they even make an attempt to maintain a relationship with me (i.e. I was at FI's Dad's house, FI was outside working, I was inside working on wedding stuff, the girls literally walked around the OUTSIDE of the house so they didn't have to come into the kitchen where I was.. Also when they were in the kitchen, the didn't speak to me at all)....

    Anyways.. FI told me his sisters wouldn't be offended if they weren't asked to be BMs, like I said we aren't close so I wanted my close people to be BMs.  FI also did not ask my brother to be a groomsman (same reason).  So, talking to his sisters back in early December I was telling them that FI would escort them down the aisle, and they didn't have to wear anything special (they asked me what to wear).  They FREAKED OUT because they were told by their PARENTS that they would be BMs (I was blindsided by this btw). 

    We did our best to smooth things over, the girls are being usherettes (my brother is an usher, so we figured this would work), and they are wearing the BM dresses (but in black instead of red).  I am STILL frustrated about how this all worked out, but am making the best of it!
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