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Vent: People can be annoying

Yesterday I was out and about shopping and decided to stop into Sur La Table to ask a question about something on my registry. The store employee who was helping me asked my wedding date (August 25, 2012) and then said "oh, did you just get engaged?" to which I replied "no, we got engaged in May." She said "that's a long time to wait." I then found myself explaining my choice of wedding date to her. A stranger. Anyway, I know her statement wasn't that big of a deal but she has NO IDEA any of the reasons we could have chosen to wait over a year to get married. And it is none of her business either. 

What I should have said: "well yeah, but I'm not Kim Kardashian so wedding venues were not willing to bump other brides in order to hold my wedding right away."

Vent over, thank you :)
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