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TODAY Finishing up the missed photos from 8/17

Hello ladies! Its been 3 weeks since I was married..WOW!  I realized the following week that in the rush of everything and everyone being late (hairdressers, photographers) that a few of THE most important pics I wanted didn't get taken! There are NONE of me and my 3 yr old before the wedding, there is only one of me and my Mom before the wedding, she was putting my necklace on and there are none of just us 3.  SO, Mom contacted the photographer and we are having them done today at my Moms house.  She lives in a wooded area and it would match the scenery from the gazebo pics, minus the gazebo.  We are all getting RE-dressed, Mom is not having her hair done, nor is my daughter, she has a headband she can wear.  Im going to try to have my hair done, maybe not like it was originally and Im STILL trying to find my tiara, my daughters shoes are missing...My Mom said a lot of pics are done at say the brides home or the brides mothers home before the wedding so I shouldn't be sweating it, as long as we get the pics we need.
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Re: TODAY Finishing up the missed photos from 8/17

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    Yeah thats apparently normal, the not getting all the pics you wanted. Just act out some, make sure you aren't stressing the day of the pictures so you look happy like you did your wedding day.
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