August 2012 Weddings

Wedding Dreams

Anyone have them yet?

I had one last night - I had forgotten to send invitations, but people came anyway.  It was in this weird ballroom venue with an upstairs room and stairs in the back corner - I think it was based on a theater practice space that I used to act in.  I had a friend's little sister helping me put on my wedding dress - I had two dresses and kept switching between the two because I couldn't make up my mind.  One was heavy satin (which I'm not a fan of at all - I'm all about lace & tulle) and had a netting over the chest, shoulders, and arms (like Princess Catherine's dress) except it was covered in rhinestones and beading.  And it had a super long train, that wasn't ironed and kept getting bunched up and I felt like I was dragging around a big bushy fox's tail.  The other dress was very simple, also heavy satin, and halter neckline.  Except it was super loose, so my bra straps kept showing and my boobs were practically visible.  So I finally opted for the jeweled dress.

Only to realize that the photographers weren't taking pictures of me getting ready - and then I realized the DJ wasn't there yet, either, or the videographer.  So I went downstairs and found my friend Katie and asked her if she'd take pictures of everything since she's got a really nice camera (that's true in real life).  So then I had to push through the crowd to get to the alter, there was no music. 

And then I woke up!  Ah well  Laughing  I've also had wedding dreams where I'm wearing a toga made out of a sheet because I forgot to buy a dress, and cowboy boots because I lost my shoes.  Or in another dream, I was barefoot.  This isn't the first dream where my vendors either showed up late or didn't show up at all.



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