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Associated Consultants USA (free bahamas cruise)

I got a call from Associated Consultants USA saying my FI and I have won a free cruise to the Bahamas, 2 champagne toasting flutes, and a designer apron.  I looked on their website (after returning their original call, and am now waiting on the call back from them) and it says you have to go to their Showcase of items to get the prizes.

Have any of you gone to this Showcase?  Is it really "no stress" and "no purchase necessary" like the website says?? 

Let me know!  My FI and I are very cautious because we don't want to end up sucked into a scheme..

I did post this on my local board as well, but thought I'd ask you ladies since I have posted here more than there!

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Re: Associated Consultants USA (free bahamas cruise)

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    I've heard of them from the registry board. It sounds like they're the wedding registry equivalent of a time-share company.
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    I got a call from them a while ago. They wanted me and FI to sit through a presentation in order redeem our prizes. Also the cruise is only a couple days and does not include airfare. If you want to add more days to the cruise you pay a fee. In the end we weren't available any of the days they were in town for the presentation and therefore didn't get any of the prizes. It sorta seemed like a scam to me.
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    The short cruise is ideal for my FI I think (if he ever went on a cruise it would be a short one lol)..

    We thought maybe staying a few extra days in Florida rather than the Bahamas??

    I was really wondering if anyone actually got the cruise and prizes... We are debating making the appt...

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    I just won the same thing.... I am going to go ahead and call it a scam. Everything points to it being extremely suspicious and after researching, it doesn't seem right.

    What did everyone find out?
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    My fiance and I went to the presentation. It was a couple hours long where they talked about their cookware and dinnerware. They also made us food, so that was nice. When it was over, they handed out the gift packages and order forms at the same time. The people that wanted to buy something stayed to fill out their order forms, and we left with all of our free stuff. We literally spent no money except the gas to drive the 10 blocks to the presentation. We haven't gone on the cruise yet, but as far as the presentation goes, yes it is no purchase necessary. We're going on our cruise in March, so I'll try to remember to let you know how that goes!
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