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First Wedding Nightmare

So I've had dreams about the wedding before, usually good ones, but the one last night was different. Could it be because I'm a day away from my 6 month mark? I dreamt that it was my wedding day and I kept telling myself I wouldn't stress, I would relax. And I did just that! HOWEVER, the next day I'm with some family and friends sitting around talking about the wedding and looking at pics they took. Then I realized I was so busy relaxing that I didn't do everything I wanted to do. I didn't do a father/daughter dance, I didn't take pics with everyone I wanted to, I didn't get a pic inside my photobooth and to top it off, FI and I never cut the cake and fed each other.

Re: First Wedding Nightmare

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    AH! Well, luckily those things are also dependent on others, so they won't forget them, lol. My wedding nightmare was a few months ago. My friend baked us our wedding cake, and while it was lovely, it wasn't what we wanted. She flipped out, and then the cake grew eyes and fangs and she started chasing us around our reception venue with it.
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    I was just looking at potential songs for the father/daughter dance and my photobooth has been booked for a while now. I thought it was too soon, but guess this was my hint to go start looking at cakes.
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    My first nightmare was a few months ago, my brother/officiant came to the wedding in cowboy boots, tight tight blue jeans, a cowboy flannel shirt, and cowboy hat (my brother is a FAR cry from a cowboy, he's an ex-Marine, father, husband, Pastor, and I have NEVER seen him in cowboy clothes before)!!
    That was the biggest part, there were others (over 3/4 of the guests didn't show including my readers, my FFIL and his friend were flirting with some very well endowed women during the ceremony and they were on camera, etc...)...

    I have been having stress dreams again, but last night was stress dream free!!! :)
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    Ah I have had a few of those. I think it is pretty natural as we get closer to our wedding dates.
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    I've had  a few... I had one the other night that my hair was curly and frizzy and I couldn't get my hairdresser.  When I first got engaged, I had a dream that I didn't have a wedding dress -- just a party dress...and I just danced to any old songs not ones I picked out.  It makes you double-check yourself, like what if I forgot a DJ or something crucial!
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    I had plenty of dreams like that ughhh....and yes tomorrow 6 months! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
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    mine stared right after we got engaged the first ones i remember is the bridal party was suppose to hand out the bubbles for our getaway and they went and sat in the limo instead so we didn't have our getaway and than i always have the one where its hour or so before the ceremony and my hair is not done I am panicking trying to do my own hair and make up. I hate it but it is totally normal I am just hoping no bad wedding dreams for any of us the night before the wedding.
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    No nightmares yet ::crosses fingers::
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