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Dont know where to begin

Hi, im new to the msg board and I am getting married 8/5/12. My fiance and I have already booked our venue for the ceremony and reception. But I don't know when I should really start planning and booking everything else because it still seems Aug 2012 is far away. So I was just wondering has everyone started planning if so what? I know nothing about planning a wedding I am just going to go along with the flow and wedding timelines.

Also, Congratulations to you all =)
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Re: Dont know where to begin

  • Congrats and welcome!  We're really all at different stages of our planning.  For example, I have ideas and have started a few small DIY projects (and designed all my paper stuff in Photoshop, but haven't printed anything yet).  At the same time, some girls have already started assembling pocketfold invitations and have all their vendors booked.

    As of right now, you really don't need to have anything done.  Most checklists start at one year out.  I'd start gathering ideas but not solidifying anything major yet in case something changes- like your taste.  Enjoy being engaged :)
  • Congrats to you! I've been engaged for a year and poking around the site but just joined because we finally set a date: 8-18-12. We've booked the ceremony and reception sites and the photographer. I've started looking at dresses and invites but thats about it. Mostly I'm still getting ideas.
  • oh okay, yea I've been getting ideas about decor and looking at dresses for a while now. I will probably start planning soon though to give myself plenty of time ahead so that I am not a bridezilla trying to put everything together at the last minute. I'm sure my fiance will appreciate that. j/k

    Happy Planning!!

    Also, jacquiroxx I love your color choice! colors are tiffany blue, chocolate, and ivory as well :)

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