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Hi ladies its been awhile!

Hey, hope everyone is done great! Congrats to those who have had their weddings this past week/weekend.
I havent been on it awhile since weve been so busy. We moved into our house almost 3 weeks ago and have yet to get out internet hooked up. I guess theres a long wait list for hook up from what they say.

I have gotten tons of checks and am just about done with everything. Had my bridal shower last weekend and it was a blast! I meet with the DJ tomorrow to finalize all the rest of the details and then I think everything is done.

Got a big surprise today though. Our venue you have to bring literally everything into since its a county park so weve been freaking out about the morning of the weding and haveing so much to do it a small amout of time. Well FMIL text me and told me she rented it out the day before the wedding so we can go in and set up the day before now. Im so happy its like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Good luck to everyone whos wedding our this coming weekend. Ive been getting on and checking everyones progress but I cannot post on her from my cell for some reason. I will be back though with more updates and pics from my wedding!

Good luck and congrats Aug. Brides!!!!

Re: Hi ladies its been awhile!

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    What an awesome and well worth it suprise! That should help your day of to-do list greatly!
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    That was so awesome of her!!  I am stressed about the day of as well.  Our venue has a wedding before ours.  So we can't get in there to set up till 5:00 for my 6:30 wedding.  I'm so so happy so many people have offered to help out my poor FI.  It's not easy to trust everyone else to carry out my vision but my FI has been very much a part of every step so I think I'm in good hands. 

    I'll be too busy getting ready to worry about it. 
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