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MARRIED 8-26-12! PIP

 Hi ladies! My wedding day couldn't have been any more perfect, even with all the crazy things that happened.

I was at the salon early morning at 6am with my girls, when we realized that we left all of our headpieces at home. Siince they hadn't started working on me and werent supposed to until 8am, I volunteered myself to go and retrieve them. As I'm driving and almost at my destination - my tire goes completely flat. I had to wait for my mom to come get me.

We're all ready to get to the church, so the ladies go in their limo, and I had gotten the 1959 Bentley for myself and my little girl, which was also my mini bride. The car doesn't start. So luckily the limo hadn't taken off- I run into the limo and we're off.

The Bentley makes it to the church, when we're outside of the church taking pictures and getting ready to go to the castle- the car dies again. We had to wait until they sent the replacement car- which didn't go with my pictures, because it was the new bentley it was white (I rented a silver and black chrysler limo for the bp to match my silver and black classic  bentley). Other than that I had an amazing night, I danced all night and I never dance. It really was everything I could've ever wanted and MORE.

I hope you ladies enjoy your special day and that it's everything you've ever dreamed of and more. See you at the knot. xo



Hubby and my little girl, my favorite picture ever! She cried the entire night- her daddy decided to dance with her since his mother is deceased.


My bff and Maid of honor, me, my sister (in hispanic weddings we use godparents to the wedding) she was the godmother, my matron of honor and other bff and my neice (only bridesmaid).






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