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XP--Bridal Shower Gifts?

My BMs and my FMIL just hosted my surprise bridal shower (and two other people helped them out a lot). Am I supposed to give them a gift more than just a heartfelt thank you card? I sort of thought that the gifts you give them later covered the work they put into the bridal shower. I know that those extra two people aren't in the WP, but I thought that if it was okay, a thank you card to each of them would be okay.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Re: XP--Bridal Shower Gifts?

  • I would do a little something.  Manicure, bottle of wine, etc
  • colstj1colstj1 member
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    A nice thank you card would be nice. But I also like adding like a bottle of wine to it or something. :)
  • I was wondering something along the same lines... If bridesmaids are hosting the shower I was thinking no separate gift? But my FSIL's are hosting a shower and they are not bridesmaids, then I was going to get them a little something. (I have 3 showers... NY, OH, NC)
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  • AjoydAjoyd member
    I agree with PPs, it doesn't have to be anything big, but I would get all of your hosts a little extra gift. A shower takes a lot of work and while I'm sure they're not expecting anything a little thank you gift is a nice touch.

    I got my first shower hosts a gift certificate for a pedicure. They were thrilled! For my other shower hosts, who are in the wedding party, I am getting them each a little necklace.
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  • My mom said that my bridesmaids are the technical hosts of my shower, but my mom and my aunt are doing quite a bit for it also, so I was thinking that a gift certificate or bottle of wine for 7 people would get I'm probably going to bake a few items and make an assortment plate type of thing with a thank you note.
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