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same wedding colors as family member?

Heres my problem, 
I finally picked what I wanted for colors/ talked to my florist/ starting buy stuff etc. My MOH is going to order her dress today from etsy. I was happy as a clam yesterday! And then I was on fbook and realized that Last year FI's cousin got married and she had the same exact colors! And her wedding date is 2 days after mine! And her bridesmaids wore the same dress that my moh is going to wear.
I dont know what to do. No one is coming to the wedding execpt siblings/parents/bestfriends, so said cousin wont be there, and i kind of had my heart stuck on this theme... and i feel like i have to change it all now! FI said not to worry about it and who cares. same with FSIL. 

t'he colors are tealish gray and white. Im having a beach wedding, she had a church wedding... ill have real flowers etc she did paper.

I deffently dont want her to think i copied her in any way!

Re: same wedding colors as family member?

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    Your life doesn't revolve around her. YOU picked the theme because YOU loved it. So KEEP it! There's only so many colors to choose from. But if you're that concerned though why not add another hue into your palette? Or maybe have your MoH change her dress? Other than those suggestions I just don't think it's a big deal and think you have nothing to worry about :) 
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    I won't worry too much about it.  You are doing things your way and not copying her wedding.  I'm sure that those who are coming to your wedding won't even remember what her colors were, and if they do so what.  It's your wedding do it your way.
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    I would say shades of teal/blue are pretty popular for beach weddings, so I doubt she would think you copied her in anyway...I am doing a Rustic themed wedding, and after I decided I realized that my soon to be sister in law did that them also, even had the centerpieces I wanted... she will be there, but doesn't care... There really are a bunch of really popular color palettes, and if that's what you like then go for it! Before your MOH buys her dress, maybe shop around if you don't have your heart set on that style and see if you can find something different in the same color. If not then, don't stress, it's your wedding, it should be what you love, if someone else loves it too, then great!
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    Trust me, NO ONE will remember her colors or theme.  People forget weddings within a couple weeks of attending (as a bride, it is sad to think about this with all our planning, but it's true).  Go with what YOU want!  The absolutely only person that may think it's similar would be said cousin and she won't be there.  Even if she was, it would not matter.  Do not look back - do what makes YOU happy!!

    On a similar note, I feel a bit bad because my sister wanted green bridesmaid dresses back in 2009, but couldn't find the shade she wanted, so she settled for pink with accents of green in her colors.  I am doing green bridesmaid dresses.  She's never said anything and I doubt she cares (expecially since she gets a green dress out of it), but it's always been a thought in the back of my mind.  I'm sure we're the only ones concerned and that they could care less!Smile
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    Sorry guys I cant see what you posted in reply to my post! the knot like all the replys!
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    I would be asking your cousin for advice and checking to see if any of her bridesmaids want to sell their dress to your MOH!  You two picking the same colors/themes must just be a testament to what good taste you both have (and a great opportunity to save money/help your cousin clear out closet space!!) 
    My centerpiece flowers are leftover from a bridesmaid's wedding.  I didn't even remember them, so I doubt any of our other "mutual guests" will either!
    Good luck and please stick to YOUR will be beautiful!!
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