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We are in the teen's!

August 25th brides we are in the teens!!!  Amazing! 

I head out to my wedding destination in 2 weeks and have so much to do!!  But all i feel like doing is taking a nap because I am so stressed :)
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Re: We are in the teen's!

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    I found if I give into the nap. I'm more productive when I wake up. I'm just under two weeks out. My goal is to be done by the end of the weekend so I can relax next week and enjoy family.
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    Yay! It feels so strange getting so close to the big day. But I'm so excited. Next week is my last week of my internship for graduate school and summer class finally!. I'm ready to be solely focused on the wedding!
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    Exciting!  I thought I was almost done, but I feel like a bunch of to dos popped up the past couple days!


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