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Shuttle Dillema (Cross Post)

Hi everyone! I'm just starting to plan my wedding for August 2012.  I would like to offer a shuttle after our reception, to prevent anyone from drinking and driving (since we are providing all of the wine and beer).
Should I provide a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding AND the shuttle from the reception back to the hotel? (The reception and wedding are at the same location).  I am thinking this might be the best option so no one is even tempted to drink and drive.

Or... should I just provide shuttles back and fourth from the reception to the hotel after the reception (for a few hours), so the guests would have to get to the wedding via their own transportation?
  The people staying at the hotels are out of town friends and I'm sure they would be willing to car pool with each other in the morning to get their cars. 

And then another issue... the wedding will take place at 5PM and I'm just planning on partying until whenever we feel like! (no designated end time).  So... I would probably have the shuttle from 4PM to ~1AM...  We wouldn't even be using the shuttle between the hours of 5PM to at the earliest 9PM so it would be a waste to have booked for that time.  Do shuttle companies allow you to just have 2 blocks of time? Or should I go with 2 different shuttle companies- one for the earlier time and one for the later time?

If any of you have experience with this or have any tips, any advice will be greatly appreciated Smile
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