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When is a good time to register? Our date is Aug. 3 and I"d planned on going in April or May to register but a couple people have already asked about registries. Do we need to go ahead and do it or can it wait a little longer?
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Re: Registering

  • Are you planning on having a bridal shower? If so, you should probably have some registries set up before the date of the shower. I had people asking me about registries at the end of January too, so I think in this case you can never set them up too early, especially if you're like me and had no idea what to put on a registry (FI and I already live together and own all the things that I would think to put on a registry). If you do wait until April or May (and assuming you won't be doing a bridal shower), that would be plenty of time, I think.  

    My FI and I set up our registries end of January/beginning of February, but that was mostly because I was trying to get it set up before school took over my life again. Even now, we're still adding things as we think of and remember things we'd like. I am also anticipating a bridal shower sometime after my semester ends, which is May, but it could be in June, too.

  • You can really register whenever you want. We registered super early, which may have been a mistake. Definitely by the time your bridal shower and/or wedding invites go out.
  • I'd register now. We registered and got stuff for Christmas. We also get each other things on it for small holidays. I looked at it all the time to get it perfect but now I just check availability once in a while.
  • We just started our registry, we are the same as a PP (we live together) so there isn't a whole lot that we can register for (we have most of our appliances, towels, etc...) so that has been the hardest thing for us!  I don't know when my shower is but I know I'm having one, so that is why I registered now..
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  • We plan to register this weekend- not sure if a bridal shower is in my future but either way, I don't think it hurts to register at this point. I feel like my life will be taken over again by other wedding things in the next few months so we might as well get it out of the way now!
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  • I would go as soon as people start offering to throw you a shower and start to set dates. I registered this past weekend because my Aunt and cousin decided on a date for one of my showers and I just want to make sure that when they decide to make their invites and what not they have the places we registered at.
  • We just registered this month and my shower is June 9th. It was actually a lot of work to register and i go on once every week or so to kind of "edit" the list, change quantites and add things as things come up at home.

    That way by the time my invites go out in early April it will be well rounded.

    Plus depending on where you register some things may fluctuate-- likes sales.

    For exsample just last week my China was on sale buy one get one free. So my mom went and bought 8 place settings.

    This week our crystal glasses are on sale, buy 3 get one free. Plus 20% off

    Next week I got an email all bedding will be on sale....

    Plus anything you buy for yourself you will get a discount on so its always good to start a registry even ifd you don't need much.
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  • yeah i just started registering last weekend and it took alot of time and exhausting. Im getting married Aug 10th but i know im having a shower in June. Most of the stuff thats out now will still be there aside from some springy stuff.
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  • We went ahead and registered last weekend because I had a couple days off from work. I'm not sure if we'll have a shower, but we wanted to get it out of the way early so there would time to add/change things. Also I know that as the wedding gets closer I'll get busy with other things. If you want to wait you can, but it is best to register before any showers.
  • We will be registering next weeked. My shower is June 9th too, but I have had some family ask about it. As long as you register a month or so before any shower you should be fine. We are starting early bc i heard that it is a pain.

    Good Luck!
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  • We will be registering tonight, we've already had a few gifts come in... we each have our own houses so there isn't too much we need, but we may as well register for some new stuff!
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