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When to order invitations?

hey all, when did you or do you plan to order your invitations. I haven't even started looking yet and I'm wondering if I should get my act together or if I still have a little time. Thanks for your help!
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Re: When to order invitations?

  • You still have time. I'm getting married August 11th. All my "countdown" books, apps, etc. say to buy the invitations in March. But other brides may see it as another thing to cross of their list so they do it when they can. 
  • Our date is also August 11th, I designed our own invitations and everything else to go with them and we are including a meal option on the RSVP so we have to wait to get that worked out in April. We will send them to the printer late April or May but it won't take more than a few days to get them back. We got a test run done and we can not wait to have them done and assemble them.


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  • I haven't really started looking yet either, I'm sending out STDs so my invites don't have to go out as early!!
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    [QUOTE]I haven't really started looking yet either, I'm sending out STDs so my invites don't have to go out as early!!
    Posted by saraschilling88[/QUOTE]

    Regardless of sending STDs, invitations should go out about 2 months before the wedding.

    I'm designing my own, and getting married September 1st, but because I'll be relocating the middle of May, I will probably print them in June and assemble them immediately to be sent out July 1st.



  • You still have time! I'm getting married in July now, and have not yet ordered mine. We are trying to nail down our second reception date before we order the invites. I am just having a PDF made on Etsy, then we will order the paper and have them really, I'm hoping to get this done by the end of next month!
  • We met to pick out invitations the other day and our graphic designer said she'd have them ready to send in the beginning of May.
  • We are going to look at some invitations this weekend.  This is mostly because we are looking at tuxes and we get 50 percent off of invitations from that same company for booking tuxes.  We are not sure sure if we're going to pick anything or not.  We are planning to send out invitations about two months before.
  • we picked invitations and signed the contract with the stationer.  We are getting the proofs in March and the actual invitations in mid-April.
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  • I have designed our invitations but haven't ordered them yet. I heard 3 months, so late April, early May would be 4 months - ish...That's what I was thinking. I did send out STD in November though.

    I am more worried about getting them back in time, what are you all setting your RSVP deadlines? We are setting ours for mid July, wedding date is August 4th. If people don't respond by then we are going to just call them up! Tongue Out
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