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August 2012 Weddings

So many checks!

I've been kind of MIA this week because I was in California for Thanksgiving--I got so many checks done and it seems a lot of you did, too!

We met with two bakers, our photographer (already booked), a DJ, a florist, and we had our menu tasting!  Plus we checked out oue ceremony and reception sites again.

We officially booked the reception venue during our menu tasting (they'd penciled it in, but we officially put down a deposit), and we booked the florist.  We're going to use the DJ we met with, but I still have to send the deposit in for that this week.

My FI and I are torn between cake bakers.  One was really delicious, and super affordable.  The people there were really nice, and we had a really nice discussion about how my FI and I wanted the cake to look.  It's also a smaller more local baker and pastry shop.

The second place is also a local family-owned business, but seems more "wedding industry."  To my surprise, their cake was over-the-top delicious.  Aesthetically, they create really wonderful and beautiful cakes as well.  They were a little more impersonal and didn't spend as much time with us talking about design and what we wanted.  I mean, they did, but it was less of a discussion/collaboration.  Oh, and of course, they're more expensive.  But... that cake was just soooo good!

So we're torn on what to do.  What we want is simple, so we're not worried about each baker making the cake look like we want it.  But we're basically torn between going with the cheaper cake from the really nice people, or the super-delicious more expensive cake from the more impersonal shop.  I've looked on both Wedding Wire and Yelp and they both have impeccable reviews, so I suppose we can't go wrong.

In the end, I think we're going to go with the first shop--the more inexpensive one where we liked the people better, but we haven't fully decided yet.

We're also torn between what to offer for dinner at the reception.  We were really trying to stay away from the traditional/generic wedding and not just offer chicken and beef or chicken and fish, but it's looking like that, since it's what our guests will want to eat.  Personally, I'd love to serve duck as one of the dishes (it was DELICIOUS at the tasting), but my parents don't think it's a good idea, so I think we're going to concede that.

We're probably also going to offer a plated duo.  Originally, I wanted buffet, but plated is actually cheaper.

Anyway, this is stuff we all have to work out.  Ahhhhh decisions!  I just wish I was more decisive.  It's so hard to choose.

I think my favorite vendor meeting was the florist.  In a way, it was this meeting that really made me feel like I was having a wedding.  I really got a feel for how the space could look once flowers were in it and really helped me to envision our wedding day.  I can't wait to see how the proposal looks (well, you know, besides the bill part of it).

Anyway, that's it for now, but I feel like I've gotten so much done!  I'll decide on the cake baker this week and mail in the deposit for the DJ.

At Christmastime I'll be heading back to California and we'll be looking at bridesmaid dresses, and I'll have my hair and makeup trial.  Soon I want to look into transportation/limos as well.  And rehearsal dinner.

I feel like everything is really coming together!  Less than 9 months to go now!  So exciting!


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