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XP: NJ When to book makeup and hair?

I'm having trouble trying to decide on when I should have the makeup and hair stylists booked for my August wedding. 

Am I far behind or am I thinking ahead? I just don't know. 

Also, how many trials did you girls go on (or are thinking about going on) before choosing? I don't really want to spend all the money on trials... but I refuse to pick someone who I haven't tried out. 

I need help! :(
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Re: XP: NJ When to book makeup and hair?

  • I have mine booked already and it's because I know the girl doing my hair and makeup personally. I think you don't have to have this booked though until about 4 months ahead. (that is just a guess though)
  • I'd book immediately if you want someone good.  In this area, and less than a year, you'll want to get going.

    Really look at someone's work and give it a gamble, or get a trial for a holiday party so it won't go to waste.

  • Thanks everyone... I know that I definitely would like to have a trial with this one girl, so I am just going to book it. Hopefully she's perfect and I can then book her for the wedding. 
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  • I don't have mine booked yet, but I don't really see any reason to wait.  If you know who you'd like to book, go ahead!  If not, don't stress... You're not behind :)
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    I would go ahead if you know who you want!  I have 7 bridesmaid, so that's a total of 10 people getting their hair done the day of (mom's and I included).  I have found that if you have something figured out, just go with it!
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  • I would say it depends if you want to go to a salon or have someone come to you.  I am having someone come to my house and when I e-mailed her, my date was the last August date available so I got lucky. 
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