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Invites! PIP

Invites are here! Somehow this makes it feel so much more real, like everything is finally coming together :)
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Re: Invites! PIP

  • Pretty!!  I just finished printing mine as well Smile
  • So pretty. I just sent mine out lol got a little excited
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    [QUOTE]So pretty. I just sent mine out lol got a little excited
    Posted by tiggapoo12[/QUOTE]

    You sent your invites out 14 weeks ahead of time? Invites shouldn't go out until 6-8 weeks ahead of when you need your final count (generally 1 or 2 weeks before the wedding)...
  • Very pretty!! Want to come put mine together?! :)
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  • random4180random4180 member
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    Woo, just ordered mine, It's such an exciting moment! I managed to get 100 for 1.91 on VP with my coupons and 30% off! Yours are really beautiful, I love the ribbon detail. Mine are pretty simple but perfect for our wedding.
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  • Very nice!
  • LibbyC730LibbyC730 member
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    Off to order mine right now!  (After hemming and hawing over several proofs!!)  Yours are beautiful!
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