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I maybe down two bm's tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my deadline for BM dresses. 7 out of my 9 bm ordered their dresses about a month ago due to the fact DB said the must be ordered asap. The two that havent ordered told me and my fh that they ordered BUT I called to make sure and nope a order hasnt been placed. So tomorrow after calling DB again to check we think we will be down two bm's because the deadline is the absolute last day we are allowing dresses to be ordered. FH wants to pay for one of the bm dresses for the one bm but nope I told him no way. I don't like uneven bridal parties but hey.......what can we do

Re: I maybe down two bm's tomorrow!

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    Is it normal for them to lie about something like that? If not maybe it is DB that made a mistake or are dragging their feet. Uneven sides are really common now, no one will care, so don't stress too much about it if the order doesn't get in. Your wedding will be beautiful no matter how many BMs you have. Good luck, I hope the orders get in!
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    Perhaps they ordered of a website like HOB?
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    Like PP said, maybe they ordered the DB dress on ebay or another site, or perhaps David's Bridal made a mistake.  I had A LOT of problems ordering a bridesmaid dress with DB because of incorrect information they previously entered about the bride. I would check with your girls before counting them out.  Hopefully it is just a misunderstanding, and they can still be in your wedding.
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    I would call your BM's and just let them know you called to check on the orders and that they do not have there's! If they did order it and DB just doesn't have it on record or possibly they put it somehow under there own name and not yours? DB dresses also come in very early one of my BM ordered hers and she wasn't supposed to get it until July 20th. But I got an email yesterday that it was in already 2 months early! But I would not stress about it personally, some things you just can't control. 
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    We just bought my last BM dress last night from David's Bridal.  They expect it to arrive mid to late July, which seems to be pushing it, but the other dresses have been in for at least a month and weren't expected in until June.  Point being, there is still time!  However, not a lot : ) 
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    I'm in the same boat hun I hear every two weeks i will order my dress next time we get paid, I know money is tight right now but I wish the bridesmaids would not lie and just say they cant do it, we as brides can always find something else for them to do. I also agree don't stress over uneven wedding party who cares its your day and your friends and the day of all that will matter is who your getting married to and being surrounded by friends and family doing it.
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    I would try to talk to them and just see what their situation is. I know it is one more stress for you to have to think about but you don't want to come off as Brass and then ruin a friendship over it. I was stressing at the end of April when 2 girls still hadn't ordered. As of now 3 out of 6 dresses have come in within 3 weeks of their order date, (not the 12 that David's tells you) and that includes my gown! Good Luck!
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