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This is why you hire professionals.. 

I wanted to share this horrible story from another knottie. I feel so horrible for this bride, as I personally think photos are the most cherishable items from your wedding day. It's just a reminder to brides to hire a professional or nobody at all.

Re: This is why you hire professionals..

  • Heartbreaking, isn't it?!?! One of the many reasons why I opted for two photographers. Initially, we were going to use a husband-wife team, but found Benjamin and his assistant, Patrick. From the Sneak Peaks, the shots are amazing!
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  • This story is so sad.

    On one hand, I feel for the couple, but on the other - they really, really took a risk.

    I think this illustrates another reason to have engagement photos done, so you get to see ahead of your wedding day that your photographer is capable... or not.
  • I didn't have a "professional" do it, but my photographer (who is also a cousin) had a ex-pro photographer (who is my aunt) assisting her with posing.  We also had a second photographer who took some really nice shots too.

    I feel for that couple in the above link, but they did take a risk.. I took a similar one, but not as big of one.
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