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Wedding Day Recap!!! (PIP)

Haven't gotten many photos back yet but I'll share 2 of them!!

I got up around 6am, went and got my hair done at 8:30 and it was amazing - my hair stylist even added a little celtic knot at the top of my up-do for my husband because he's Irish :D I will have pics of that as our photog gets them back to me! :)

10:30am I went and got snacks for my bridal party and then met up with my ladies at the hall and decorated for the reception - that took until 1:30 - then we went and got subway for all the girls (since I already had my hair done and my veil on we got 20% off! Got lunch for 7 women for $20!!!) and went to the church to start getting dressed and ready. 

At 4pm my husband arrived at the church with his groomsmen and I ventured out to do our first look photos -- he stood in front of the church with his back to me and then had me walk out to meet up with him and then he turned around. He ALMOST cried but tried hard to keep it together and just grinned really big. :D I love him :D 

The ceremony started at 6pm and it was beautiful! We could not have asked for a better person to be our officiant - Deacon Buck was AMAZING and really personalized our ceremony! Everyone complimented us on how beautiful it was :) we then staged a fake little getaway (walked out of the church and just took the borrowed 1960s Lincoln Continental (black with suicide doors!)  around to the back of the church where we could pick up our stuff.

Then we had our first snafu - our best man left immediately to the reception after the ceremony and we needed him there to sign the marriage certificate!!! SO we had to wait for him to get back and sign, then we finally got over to the reception hall and began the festivities!

We had a little drama in the night with a certain lady and her b/f and one other guy... but my Cousin / MoH's boyfriend was quick to dissolve it (he's also the one who borrowed us the Lincoln and his Chevelle!!) -- so that was fine in the end! 

Everything was just amazing - and the highlight I think was when my husband did the garter removal. I did NOT know what he had planned to do - but my husband is a mechanic and we met because he was a friend of a friend who was to look at my car and see if he could fix it -- well he dances up to me during the garter removal and he lifts my arms out straight in front of me, and proceeds to move to my left and stand there and acts like he's trying to fire up a car - and I am just laughing cause I have NO idea what he's doing (he can be a bit theatrical at times!) -- then he moves in front of me and lifts my arms up and has me hold them there - that's when he starts to "work under my hood" trying to diagnose some problems - now I start really laughing cause I know what he's doing - but I HAD NO idea what was going to come next!! He make an "ah-ha!" gesture and walks over to the DJ stand, and rolls out from under it a CREEPER!! And a HUGE wrench!! He rolls it over to me, lays on his back and proceeds to roll underneath my dress and pretends that he's working on it with the wrench but then takes my garter off with his teeth! LMAO! It was so so funny! (I wore my garter down really low on my knee so it would be easy for him!)  It was absolutely the greatest thing ever! I think someone got video (or so I hope!) but I was just dying laughing - so amazing. I LOVE my husband :D

Another big hit was the photobooth - we just have SO Many photos from that thing - it's going to be great when they are loaded online!! Now today we gotta go through gifts and go pick up what was left at the hall, my cousin's house, and then go visit with Greg's family :) 

I am just so happy - my husband is amazing and I am just SO glad to finally be his wife ;) The full year of planning was totally worth it! We had so many relatives come in from out of town and it was just so great seeing everyone! AND I WAS NOT NERVOUS AT ALL! I felt fine the whole day! Neither of us got to eat dinner - we were pulled in every which direction!!! 

SO SO SO Happy!!! Here's the pics!

Congrats to all you ladies getting married today (8/18) and I hope your day is all you dreamed it to be!!! God bless!! See you on TheNest!!!

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