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Hey all! I'm new to this board, I didn't know there was such a thing as a wedding month board! My date is 8/4 and I feel like it's fast approaching, but I don't feel like anyone else thinks it is. Especially my parents and my FI parents and by MOH and basically everyone. And I don't mind doing everything by myself, but my parents and my FI parents are basically paying for everything and I want them to start buying like the little stuff so it doesn't all get piled up at the end. Any thoughts on how to approach the situation? My parents especially are really bad about writing things down and remember things I ask, and they are both under a ton of pressure at work, but this has been going on for the whole engagement. Any one have tips? I just know that the week before the wedding is going to be here so fast and I'll have all these last minute things I forgot and they wont be able to handle it because they are taking care of the stuff they were supposed to take care of 3 months ago you know. 

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    First - congrats and welcome to the boards!! :)

    As far as approaching, it depends on each person's individual situation and how comfortablle you are asking about things...

    Buying little things - what do you mean? Like favors?  Maybe ask your parents and FI's parents to go shopping with you guys one weekend or two?  That way they can actually help pick it out if they want?

    As far as writing things down, maybe make a calendar of times/events for your parents and fill it in for them?  Would that be easier or do they live OOT? 

    I wish you the best of luck!!! :)
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    It might help if you make up a calendar of what needs to be done when. That way they can see exactly the volume of things that need to be taken care of, and they can start readying themselves for the to-dos as the deadlines roll around. Or, can you essentially do it "for them"? Like, if your mom is good with the favors you want, or the florist you want booked, can you make the appointments, handle the contract, and then give them her credit card number? Or can they transfer the money to you now?
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    Welcome to the board!

    Just start a list of things to do. I do my lists by week, I have a goal I need to meet each week and then I always know what's coming and what I've taken care of. Just a suggestion.
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    [QUOTE]Welcome. Please feel free to elaborate more on what you wish to have completed =]
    Posted by mtishawt[/QUOTE]

    <div>Well because we are getting so close it's a lot of small stuff. Like we have decided to grow our own flowers instead of paying an arm and a leg for them, and we are also going to buy some succulents off etsy. I need the money for the succulents for etsy and I need my parents to grow the flowers for me because I live in an apartment. By the way my FI and I live in Tennessee and both our parents live in Michigan, so getting together isn't really an option. And other things like buying the toss item (lavendar) and getting all the extra's together, like white christmas light, rope, ladders, games, buying stuff for smores, shoes for my sister (since she is in the wedding party) final details about who is paying for hair and makeup the day off, if we are going to get our nails done. Ug... planning was so my favorite and now the execution is so no my favorite! </div>
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    Have you looked at or They are both flower-wholesalers, and it might be a better bet than growing your own. I only say this because you don't want to be panicking if half the flowers don't sprout, or get eaten by worms or something.

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