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The Bachelor Party from Hell....

I don't want to go into crazy details about it but lets just say that after this AWFUL bachelor party one groomsman refuses to be in it and another I kicked out just now because of how AWFUL of a person he is. I have never had a friend so deceitful....

Other than that I am getting married in 11 days and I hope that it goes better than the bachelor party... :(

Re: The Bachelor Party from Hell....

  • Oh no what happened? I am so sorry that you have to deal with this! 
  • Lets just say that the host and #2 groomsman pre-approved everything except for one thing and that one thing I am NOT ok with so I went a little bridezilla on him and he called me drama and said he wanted nothing to do with me or my wedding which is great because I booted him out anyway!  .... Thankfully Jeremy did not partake in the extra thing at the party because he is not a low life fiance and actually respects me. I just feel bad for the girls of all the guys that brought random girls into the suite. I know at least 3 people got cheated on.. :(
  • Yikes!! That sounds terrible!
  • Sorry to hear that.
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  • Good god, that sounds awful.
  • edited August 2012
    I just can not believe the nerve of some people and it all comes back to respect. The 2 groomsman told me I was being selfish and needed to grow up. I am 98 positive I am a grown up. I don't even need alcohol to have a good time much less anything else... I told him this isn't a movie, you're not in the hangover. I mean what if something would have happened?! One of the guys at the party has a baby, one is like my brother, my bil is a recovering addict and also has a toddler and then there is Jeremy.. There are too many people that could have lost everything because of this one guys stupid decision. I am just so disappointed in people that don't think about their actions and how it will affect others... : and the sad thing is, I am still more mad about being lied to.
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