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mis. questions

1)I read several posts about inserts....I don't really have out of town guests (my dad and my sister, but they already have their room) so do I need to include inserts?  I was just planning on invitation, rsvp card and rsvp envelope (self addressed and stamped)

2) are you planning on wearing your garters throughout the entire ceremony/reception or just putting it on at the reception (my mom says putting it on at the reception right before we do the garter its one less thing to worry about falling down during the ceremony or while dancing)

3) how do you let people know that jeans and tees aren't appropriate attire?  do you write formal reception to follow?  we'd like suits and ties, not tuxedos, but not jeans by any means

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    1) You dont "need" inserts, as long as everyone knows where to go for the ceremony/reception and accomidations but it sounds like that is covered.

    2) As far as the Garters I plan on wearing them for the ceremony, you may want to try it at one of your fittings to see if you can deal with it, if it itches or not. If  you cant, you could slip out to have your garter put on, or put it on right when you get to the reception either way.

    3) With the invitations, I am not really any help, since our men will be wearing black jeans so, we arnt really expecting "formal" as ours is more of a rustic theme
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    Do you have a wedding website? You could add a page about dress code, directions to your ceremony, reception, start time, etc. I have 100% out of town guests and I just point them to our website for all pertinent information rather than paying to print all those extra inserts.

    Also, the formality of your invitation should give people some indication of how formal your wedding will be. I think generally, most people will assume that jeans and t-shirts are not appropriate wedding attire though (though you may get a few no matter what you do.)
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    1) You don't need the insert if everyone knows where to go (and it sounds like you covered that), but you could put a link on a wedding website as Iclemence mentioned.

    2) I wore my garter at Prom for the whole afternoon/evening (basically from the time I put my dress on which was usually 4ish, to at least 11PM when I gave it to my date) so I plan to wear it for my ceremony and reception.  I'm going to place it high enough before the wedding that it shouldn't fall off, then shimmy it down to my calf/ankle right before FI takes it off lol.

    3) I agree that most people wouldn't wear jeans/tshirt to a wedding unless they knew it was rustic themed or very casual.  I'd go with a more formal invite if you are worried. 
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    two of the guest came (uninvited mind you) to our Easter dinner/mother in law's birthday dinner at the same restaurant the reception is going to be held.  I was in a new dress, as were all the girls, the boys were in slacks and button downs (stepson even opted to wear a jacket).  first the venue had to scramble to squish two chairs at our table, making seating uncomfortable, but secondly, they had on jeans and the man even had on a stained shirt.  I was embarrassed beyond belief, so I am not so sure they would know not to wear jeans.  I know that my guest's clothing is the least of my worries, and in the all of things not a big deal, but I feel like my F and I have put so much time and energy and money into doing a budget wedding (we've even skimped on a lot of stuff...such as getting 10 dollar sterling silver wedding bands rather than nice gold rings) so that we can have the reception we want and I just want everything to reflect our hard work.  perhaps I"m just being to picky. 
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    odu, it's unfortunate, but you really can't tell your guests what to wear without sound bridezilla-y. They're adults, if they need guidance they'll ask you. Convey formality in your invitations, people will get it. And if they don't, you won't even notice. (The only time it's appropriate to give a dress code is to say "Black Tie", which it doesn't sound like your wedding is.)

    As for inserts- not necessary. I'm using them because not everybody OOT got a STD (because we kept that list really small), so they still need that info.

    I hadn't put that much thought into garters yet...
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    I would think if you send a formal invite then you are ok with the formality of the event. If you are concerned about those particular guests then I would ahve someone nicely address them about a dress code. Are these people close to you, if so then amybe your mom or father or sister in law can make say something ina  nice way, liek "oh i am going shopping for so and sos wedding to get a new shirt and some dress pants- what are you wearing Do you want to come?"

    If you have website I would put "semi formal attire" somewhere on it

    My sister in law and brother in law had a very interestingcamping wedding. One of the guests wore jeans and NO SHIRT. I was appalled. but to be honest, she didint even notice- and he looked like a dummy.
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    ALMOST everyone who is getting an invite got a save the date(STD abbreviation bugs me,sorry) which has our website on it.  We only had one person write on our guest book on the site after they were sent, but I know that doesn't mean others didn't look at the site.  Because my DIY invitation kit didn't come with extra paper for inserts, would doing a business card with the our names and website be ok as an insert...something along the lines of

    Bride & Groom
    invite you to view

    for information regarding ceremony and reception

    (i don't mind sharing my website with you all because i'm proud of it =D)

    This way I can make it match the invitations easier by simply using the same icon and font, where using other paper would totally be mismatched. 

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    Personally, I would LOVE it if someone told me what to wear!  I always hate having to ask around..."are you wearing a summer dress?', "Cocktail dresses?"...  I hate feeling like the odd ball out if I'm too fancy, or not fancy enough. 

    We looked at a few venues that had dress codes for their facilities.  In their contract they stated that you had to mention to guests what the dress code was (no jeans, shirt with collar, etc), and any guest that was not dressed appropriately would not be allowed in.  So I think in some cases it would be necessary to mention the dress code in the invite...
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