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8/12 <3 Mrs Post PIP

My wedding day was amazing & I am so excited to now be a Mrs. Everything went great the day of. The cake was late but that was the only big snafu, and thank god I had a day of coordinator to handle everything - she was a LIFESAVER! 

We are now on our honeymoon in DR & are having the best time! :) I'm up a little early this morning & the husband (wow - first time I've used that word!) is sleeping so I figured I'd come & write my post that I haven't had time to. And share some pics.

Advice for the upcoming brides: Enjoy the day! I was getting a little frustrated nitpicking everything the day before & decided from then on whatever happened it was ging ot be okay & I was not going to stress & the day went by so much better. I had more than a few people tell me I was the calmest bride LOL.

Also, make sure your bridal party knows all the going ons. I told mine everything but didnt have the time to finish writing it all down and found myself repeating myself over and over because they didnt remember. It was just a waste of time. If you can type everything up & print it out, it will probably run a lot smoother. 

TRY to have a good time on your wedding day too! We were able to get on the dance floor for maybe 2 songs, besides the special dances, and couldnt believe how much people want to talk to the bride and groom. We both said all we remember is saying "Hi", "Bye" and taking pictures. We even planned ahead to get ur food first so we culd actually eat something, but as everyone else got up, they came to talk to us while we were eating - so that didnt really work, and we didnt have much to eat, unfortunately.

Anyway, here are some pics!
The entire wedding party
Surprisingly, that was not a posed shot lol
Love this one!
My twin nephews! 
I danced with my mom and my dad.
My dad put on a show! lol
I caked him! lol
I got dressed in this
My candy buffet!
Walking down the aisle
Getting ready to see him!
Our first look!
He read his vows from his iphone lol
Mr & Mrs <3

I'll keep checking to see everyone else's Mrs. Post & see you all over on the Nest when I get back! :)
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