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We are having an "after party" in our hotel bar which will last from 12:30-2.  We are serving food, but the bar will be cash at this point (we are having an open bar at the reception).  I want to include this on one of the cards in our invitation, how would you suggest wording this?  I just want everyone to know so they take advantage of this, but also feel weird using the term cash bar as people might think my whole wedding is a cash bar,
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    Are you putting an insert for like directions and other information? I would put it on that not the actual invitation. Or maybe put it on the RSVP? I would just put you are having a get together afterword and by word of mouth spread that it's a cash bar. Especially because it's at another location that's not the reception site I think people would get the hint that you aren't going to pay for their booze. I know I would understand. 
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    Yes, our invites have three "info cards" we can use inside (not on the actual invitation).  We are using one for accomdations, one for reception info, and we would like to use the third to let people know about the "after party"

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