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Menu Tasting Questions

HI All

So we're trying to set up our tasting with our catering company. My questions relate to what is considered "asking too much". 

We are doing canapes and hot "cocktails" in the garden between the ceremony and the reception. 

We're planning to serve the food family style - so platters to each table that people will then serve themselves from the options. We're starting with a soup that will be served to the tables in the tureens. Then we're having 3 meats, a vegetarian main, mashed potato, cauliflowe/broccoli au gratin and roasted veges. Our dessert will be a buffet with sweets and cheeses. 

So here are my questions:
1) How many soups can I ask to taste? We sent through a choice of 4 as options and our caterer priced them all in the same price group. How many should we ask to taste in order to choose?
2) Can we ask to taste all 4 mains? We sent him the recipe for 2 of them, the other 2 are his idea. The 2 recipes we sent are our 2 favourite dishes. In fact the one is the dish I made the first time B said he loved me!
3) Do you normally get charged for a tasting? There's nothing in the contract. And what's a reasonable cost?
4) How many of the canapes can we expect to taste? 

Any advice would be appreciated. The caterer comes with our venue, so we didn't have a choice of caterer, so no tastings before deciding on the venue. 

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Re: Menu Tasting Questions

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    It's hard to answer your questions because I think caterers have different policies. We sampled 4 entrees and 4 sides. We paid the meal price for a 3 of the entres but sides were free. Also the 4th entree was buffet style rather than plated so we requested a small sample plate of that, which was free. In the end we paid for 3 items but FI and I ate a lot and had left overs for the next couple days. We didn't feel the need to sample the appetizers since people will pick and chose if/what they want and they seemed pretty standard. I would sample any of the dishes you are highly considering and ask about the fees when you narrow that down.
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    I think it varies a lot from caterer to caterer, so you will probably need to ask your caterer what his or her specific policy is.  At our tasting, we sampled four salads, entrees, and sides.  The first two were free, and we paid the menu price for the second two.
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    I second asking your caterer. Ours sent us a form to fill out with spaces for each option- we were allowed to taste three meats, two sides, two pastas, etc. Definitely ask!
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    I agree with them ... All caterers are different and the best person to ask is them.. Our tasting was completely free and we sampled two apps, two entrees. two main dish pastas. three sides, two veggies and 1 bread all served family style and we were able to take home the leftovers.
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