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August 2012 Weddings

Dear august 2012 brides....

Hello Ladies,
So I have a big dilemma. My FI and his boys will be having camo (more like hunting suits colors) style vest under their tuxs. I originally wanted a green, pink and brown color scheme. I now may have changed my mind again. I was thinking that a nice brighter burnt orange would look AMAZING for my girl's dress beside the guys. What do you ladies think?
Thanks for being the only people that seem to understand me...haha!!!

Re: Dear august 2012 brides....

  • I think orange or pink could definitely work. With the pink I think you could go either a light pink or an even bolder shade. 
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  • I think you could either do the orange or do brown dresses to go with the camo. and then do accents of pinks in places :)
  • I think the orange or a bold pink would look really nice!
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  • Ok, I think I'm gonna sound like a jerk so I'm sorry in advance. I would stay away from the orange for the only reason that with the camo it totally makes me think of a hunting wedding (unless that is what you are going for?). You know, like the orange vests the hunters wear, then combined with the camo....IDK....I know you said the girls would be in the orange and not the guys but I just can't help getting this picture in my head. I would probably go with a soft pink instead. It would be a really cool contrast to the camo.

    Again, I'm really sorry if I offended, not my intention! :)
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  • Ditto PP - no orange. Far away from orange. Far far away.

    Pink would be nice though.
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  • Have to agree that I'd stay away from orange and go with a soft pink...
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