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Day of lunch question...

Every article I read says to make sure you eat lunch on the big day (seems obvious, but I'm sure in the rush I would forget it...) So I was looking into ordering a party sub platter from Firehouse subs for myself the groom and the bridal party. Here in lies the 2 questions...

1. Would subs be a bad choice and make us feel bloated? Is there a better option that anyone else has thought of? I want to make sure the bridal party eats too... and they will be getting ready with us at the hotel...

2. Do I feed the videographer, photographers, and make-up/hair people as well? 

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Re: Day of lunch question...

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    We are going to get a platter of subs delivered to the hotel on our wedding day.  I was just a bridesmaid in a wedding last weekend.  We did Subway for lunch and it didn't make me feel bloated or full.  

    I would check your contracts with vendors.  Some put in there that you are required to provide a meal.  If that isn't in there, I guess it would be a nice gesture, but I don't think it is required.
  • I was thinking about this today also. I thought subs would be fine but will probably have a fruit and veggie tray there too. I'll probably feed the hair and makeup gals since they'll be there for several hours but not the photog/vidog because they won't be here until after lunchtime. If anyone has a better idea though I'd be glad to here other suggestions too.
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    1. Does Firehouse usually make you feel bloated? You can always pack some antigas meds to counter the bloated feeling. I'd also plan for a fruit/veggie tray. Personally, when I'm a ball of nerves, I don't want to eat a big sandwich. I'm more likely to munch on fruits/veggies. 2. If it's in your budget, definitely nice for hair/make up to get lunch, but as they are only there for a few hours, not sure if it's necessary. Your photogs, however, are working longer and should get some grub. My photog has a "lunch break" scheduled in our contract. He'll be there from 3 until 11 though, so lunch won't be an issue for us.
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  • if subs normally make you feel bloated i wouldn't order htem. But the guys probably want them.
    we are leaving at 2 pm, so I am probably going to do more breakfast stuff.
    Bagels, some pastry, lemonades and waters, champagne, a fruit and veggie tray
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  • For my aunt's wedding, someone picked up Panera for us - they got us soup and salad options as well as some bagels and baguettes that could easily keep for later.
  • We're doing a subway platter for lunch.  Didn't really think about the bloat, but maybe I should pack myself some protein bars.  I tend to graze when I'm stressed! 
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