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bridal party gear

Hey ladies,

I'm looking for matching tanks, tees, or robes for me and my bridal party for the day of the wedding. I prefer the pictures where the outfits are coordinated. Does anyone have suggestions of where I can find something like this without spending an arm and a leg?
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Re: bridal party gear

  • Those are easy DIY projects if you're up for it. I know I've seen them at David's Bridal. Of course TK has them for sale. What I haven't seen are buttonups for the bride...I know the tanks have large enough necks, but I'll be wearing a buttonup so I won't screw up my hair!
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  • I forgot about trying to get it over my head. Thanks for the reminder. I may have to rethink this plan because I really don't want to mess up my hair.

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  • I would go to Old Navy and just buy ribbed tanktops and then do iron on or stamp letters. I wouldn't spend alot because it's really unlikely your girls will ever wear a shirt that says 'bridesmaid' again.
    Ditto the button up front tip. I'll have my veil and headpiece in so I'm wearing a woven top.
  • Look in Victoria's Secret's clearance section online. They have a bunch of different tank tops in there for the bridal party. They're really cute, and resonably priced. I will be ordering the bride one for the day of for myself.
  • I wanted to get the same thing but I could only think of zip up hoodies that wouldn't mess our hair up, but it will be too hot to wear those anyways for us
  • Groupon San Diego has a vista print deal $17 for $70. Their t shirts are about $11. I got the bridal party shirts to sleep in and take pics before we get ready. We are all bringing our own robes for hair and make up.
  • I agree with something you don't have to pull over your head.  I bought a short sleeved white terry cloth hoodie from JCP for 25.  
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  • jap6955 I think that's a great idea. I'll see if the groupon's still available.
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