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MARRIED! Wedding and new username, pip

Hi ladies!! My wedding was on 8-25 and it was amazing! We had a beautiful time. I'ts true what they say about it going by in an instant- I can't believe for 2 years i planned and went crazy over the tiniest details and it went by so fast. Everything was great, and anything tat didn't no one noticed but me, the planner and my groom.
There was even an unplanned fireworks show over the Newport bridge you could see from the deck on my venue! (It was a big joke that my parents went "all out!" lol)

Here's one of my favotire photos a friend snapped of our first dance. I feel like it encompasses the entire feel of the day with the ocean and the colors etc.

Also- i have a new username, as some of you know I stopped posting under this name due to some privacyu issues earlier in august- my new name on the knot and nest is Brina105 (our dogs name!)
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Re: MARRIED! Wedding and new username, pip

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