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Bachelorette party guests?

I realize this is probably far away from people's minds (it feels far away to me!), but as I was going over the guest lists for the wedding and bridal shower I thought, who would I invite to my bachelorette party? I knew a few definites, but I had some fall under that gray area. 

Who are you inviting/would you invite to yours? Do you have any guidelines for saying yay or nay to those in that gray area?  I realize that the number of people invited will vary depending on many factors, but about how many people will you choose? 

Re: Bachelorette party guests?

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    Just my bridal party and a few close friends. About ten people. I am very low key.
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    We're only having four of us (invited one other who can't make it) for a girls weekend getaway.  I always figured if anyone was in the grey area (of which I had a few), that it was better to stay on the safe side and keep things small.
    Sometimes I wonder if four is too small, though, and things will look silly with such a small group.
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    For mine it will probably be just my sister ( MOH) and myself. We are really not the party type of people. May just stay at a hotel and go to Dave and Buster's, dinner, and the spa at the hotel. In my opionon it should be a time to celebrate with your bridal party and very close friends. Smile
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    My plan is to have my wp sister/MOH and 1 bm plus a few close friends. FI is going to Chicago ComicCon for his bach the same weekend so I plan to invite the SO's of the guys going with him as well.
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    My birdal party which is 5 girls, and another 6-8 friends were invited (any girlfriends of mine on the guest list). But I am sure some can't make it.
    Also my cousin (who i am not that close to but is fun) asked to come as well- so she will probably come too. We will probably end up with a group of 10 ish'

    My bachelorette is a surprise but i think we might be doing a vineyard tour or going to a polo match and then going to dinner. Or staying over at someones house or hotel together.

    When is everyone's bachelorettes? Mine is going to be July 28th.
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    Lobsters25Lobsters25 member
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    Mine's going to be the weekend of May 19th.  One of my BM's starts a new job next August, and my MOH is taking the bar exam at the end of July, so I had no problem getting the wedding stuff done early so they can have time to prep and study this summer.
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    I should probably start thinking about our bach party guest list. We are actually having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party thrown by our Best Man and MOH who happen to be engaged themselves :) We already have 11 attendants between our guys and girls so me and FI should probably only have a handful of additional people so we don't make it too large
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    I am inviting my bridal party and some close friends/sorority sisters. My guest list is at about 20 but I know a few will be out of town and two are not 21 so will only be able to join us for dinner. Just really think about who your closest friends are and it shouldn't matter if it's 5 or 25 guests. :)
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    I am inviting all my friends which comes out to about 12 people that are invited to the wedding (we kept it small).

    I'm doing a dinner/drinks on a Friday night 2 weeks before the wedding.  Then, we'll sleepover at my sister's house and all do a run/race in the morning.  Over half of the girls invited are regular runners (friends from college cc/track teams) and for those that aren't - they can choose to enter it and walk, watch the others run, or head home.  Having the Friday night element will allow non-runners to be included and duck out of Saturday if they so choose.

    I have been to a range of bachlorette parties in the past.  One was about 5 people just having a sleepover and hanging out.  Another involved day hiking and then bars at night followed by a hotel.  Another was an overnight about 2 hours away to a waterpark hotel & involved bars/going out.  Yet another was 20-30 girls including her mom & aunts and was a party bus with bar stops and ended at a male strip club.  Clearly, you can make it whatever YOU (or your MOH) want!  If someone doesn't like it, they can choose not to attend.
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    Mine is my bridal party (5 girls), my three close friends, my mom and my aunt.  I know it isn't typical to invite your mom to your bachlorette party...but at 30 years old I want it to be a time to celebrate and have fun...I don't need stupid crazy...just fun crazy :)
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    I have no clue if I'm even having a bachelorette party (my sister/MOH and SIL/BM live out of state..)..

    If anything the night before the wedding I will invite my WP (sister, SIL, and 3rd BM/bff from high school), close cousins and close friends to the hotel room just to hang out (probably only the WP and Personal Attendant can stay the night though)...

    Is it wrong to not invite FI's sisters?  I'm not close to them, and they are drama queens who would just stress me out, that's why I'm wondering...
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    I just sent my list to my sister (MOH) yesterday. 2 of my bridesmaids are living out of state so I don't anticipate them coming. But I invited friends from college and my bridal party, and my future neice :)

     Came out to about 10 people.
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    unicorntreesunicorntrees member
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    I just read through all the posts (I've had a busy week). Thanks for all the responses!

    When I included everyone I would like to invite, my list came out to 10, but three of them are out of town, so I don't think they'd actually be able to come unless the party was the night before the wedding (which, I'm not sure if that will be able to happen at this point). Counting all the people that I know are in the area and could come, I would have 6 (not counting me). 

    I am not a bar hopping type, and my girls know that, so I have no idea what they have planned. A long time ago (before my engagement) one of my girls said that she would have all of us dress up in cocktail dresses and play laser tag against the bachelor party! I still think that is a really awesome idea, but the girls want the bachelorette party to be a surprise. I told them they could still do that idea, and then just keep other parts of the time a secret. We'll see what happens. 
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