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Outdoor wedding cake

Our wedding and reception are being held outdoors in August in northern is usually in the 90s in August and will probably somewhere around the mid to upper 80s once our evening wedding reception begins. I'm having trouble choosing our cake. I know fondant holds up well in heat but I'm not a huge fan. I want a traditional buttercream cake and was wondering if it would be ok to leave the cake indoors until it was time to cut it, then bring it out do it doesn't melt...

Re: Outdoor wedding cake

  • I think you need to ask your baker about that one. It probably depends on the size of the cake and how much set up you're willing to tolerate during the reception. I think a lot of bakers wouldn't want to set it up and then have somebody else move it out. Maybe there would be a rolling cart option? So the cake is set up on the cart indoors, and then rolled out when it is time to cut? (PS, I much prefer buttercream and hate this new fondant craze. Good choice on the frosting.)
  • I would definitely check with your baker, also maybe post this on your local board to see if other brides in your area have had this discussion with their bakers?  Just a thought! :)
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  • You might have to do a display cake and a serving cake.  Basically they make a cake out of foam where only one layer or one part is real cake, so it holds up better in the heat.  Then they take it back and cut up a sheet cake and give it to guests.  Your baker will have these types of solutions, though!



  • Def. check with your baker.  I've heard about doing buttercream with a very thin layer of fondant over it to maintain the shape and style.
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