August 2012 Weddings

Final Meeting at Reception Hall!

We had our final meeting tonight, went over all the costs and we're doing good as far as the cost is concerned - AND!!! They're letting us use the WHOLE hall instead of just the half we had paid for because no one else will be there. They're just closing off the 2nd bar and now we'll have a lot more space and the full dancefloor! SO EXCITED!!! And they aren't charging us anything extra!! It was entirely their suggestion!! SO HAPPY! I was concerned about how much space we'd have because we have the DJ and the Photobooth and whatnot, but they're letting us have the full room. I'm super hyped. LOL

And we figured out how we're gonna lay the room out and the decor and everything - it's all coming together now! 
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Re: Final Meeting at Reception Hall!

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