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Exercise Regimine

Can anyone suggest an exercise regimine. I am a size 8 so not looking to lose weight but really tone up. I have 2 days a week to work with. Stomach and arm toning. Any program suggestions?

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    P90X is a good one, or join a boot camp class at your local gym.

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    What part of NJ are you in?  I try to run and do hot yoga.  I think for stomach the best trick is watching what you eat and arms are something you have to keep up with, so get some free weights for your home and make it part of your morning routine.  By the way, I find yoga tones me in places I didn't know could feel sore, like weird parts of the arm, which must be a good thing!  lol
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    In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:1fb748ee-7a4e-40eb-b4b4-e553486f4cacDiscussion:e565c814-f845-47f1-8412-ced2cf01ca1bPost:64604685-f942-42a5-afb1-eebbaa71bd0b">Exercise Regimine</a>:
    [QUOTE]Can anyone suggest an exercise regimine. I am a size 8 so not looking to lose weight but really tone up. I have 2 days a week to work with. Stomach and arm toning. Any program suggestions?
    Posted by BreeAndDrew[/QUOTE]

    I am basically working on the same things you are.  I bought some dumbbells for my arms and I do crunches for my abs.  I exercise while watching TV so I won't have any excuses for not exercising.  Hope this helps.
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    Go to and look up the different moves targeting abs and arms!!  I'm using a lot of their moves :)
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    I started lifting about 18 months ago and about 3-4 months into it my arms looked noticibly different.  I lift 2x/week at the Y.  If you're not familiar with machines, the Y is always willing to give you a tour/demo of each.  Basically there are machines where you're pulling something and ones where you're pushing.

    Pull: Front lat pull-down, assisted pull-up, fly machine facing backwards, seated row
    Push: Chest press machine, shoulder press, assisted dip machine, fly machine facing forward
    Stomach: Ab crunch machine, oblique core machine, sit-ups on ball

    I do any machine listed in the categories above in this order: stomach, pull, push, pull, push.  I do 10-20 reps for stomach and 10-12 reps for each pull and push.  I do that entire sequence 5 times (so it would be something like 20 sit-ups on the exercise ball, 10 assisted pull-ups, 10 assisted dips, 10 seated row, 10 shoulder press).  That is 1 and I do 5 total.  It takes about 1/2 hour to do it.  Start at about 30lbs for each and increase where you can.

     I swear it works - you just need to do it 2x week.
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    some sort of 15-20 minute cardio would be awesome. either jump roping like PP said...or even just put on some awesome music and dance around your house!

    For days i want to work out at home, i use the Nike Training Club app for iphone.  it's free, and has SO many workouts you can do with no equipment.  i love the 15 minute workouts, and they are a good challenge - even for athletes.  they do have specific workouts like 'ab buster' and 'arms', but you'll find that you end up working your whole body anyway.  the app pairs with your ipod music, so you can listen to whatever you want while you work out.  the app also coaches you through the moves and gives you motivation like "30 seconds to go", etc.

    so for those two days - pair a 15-20 minute cardio with two 15 minute workouts and you've got yourself a decent schedule!
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    I actually recommend Insanity over P90X. Insanity is much more cardio based, so it will tone up your muscles rather than bulk up, like P90X does. I've been doing Insanity for a month and have noticed a huge difference in tone, particularly in my core and shoulders! It's hard, but I actually find myself looking forward to doing it every day!
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