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Thank You Note Idea - Poll

I've been searching for inexpensive thank you cards to send both after my shower & the wedding and had an idea I'm considering. It seems all the less expensive ones are the same boring flimsy ones that I always get in the mail post weddings. 

We're going on our honeymoon to Spain, Portugal & Morocco.  If you were a guest, would you like to receive a postcard from one of these places as a thank-you note?  This would only be for wedding gifts (not shower gifts) and I would not write them on the honeymoon, but rather buy the postcards, write them at home, and then send them from home.  I love the photo thank you postcards I've gotten from others, but don't have the funds to do that and find this a happy medium.  Thoughts?

Re: Thank You Note Idea - Poll

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    Sounds like an amazing honeymoon. 

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    Sounds like a neat idea. If you could add something about the place you visited while on your honeymoon that would make the Thank You even more special.
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    Just a thought... you might be able to do photo thank you cards by using Vistaprint.  They'd probably be just as expensive, if not cheaper, than a bunch of postcards, especially when you factor in the Euro/Dollar exchange rate.  However, postage for postcards sent within the US is cheaper than envelopes, I believe?



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    I agree with Calindi as well with the VistaPrint photo postcards (they are reasonable), and postcards have cheaper postage in USA than regular envelopes and mail, so the stamps will be cheaper (there is less variety though, just so you know)!! :)
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