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August 2012 Weddings

Beginning wedding planning help please! wedding colors? creative minds, i need you!

Hi! My name is Marissa. We've just recently decided our wedding will be july/august of this summer...which is almost one year sooner than we originally planned! So as of right now, i'm completely scatter-brained!!!! I have ideas of what I want, I just need help putting them all together, so thats where you all come in :)

So i'm not going to overwhelm with a ton of questions right now :P - i'm going to start with this that has been bugging me - WEDDING COLORS! First of all, heres a little bit about our wedding and what im looking for - wedding & reception will both be outside at a garden venue. I have so many different styles id like to incorporate from modern, contemperary and traditional to vintage, do it yourself look & totally unique.

Originally, I wanted a turquoise and orange but i decided that was to bold for me, I want color without losing elegance being that it is an outdoor wedding...however, blue is my favorite color so i would like there to be blue (lighter shades of blue) but theres really so many different ways of going with this...from aqua & red....blues & greens....blues & oranges... (i like other colors too, im afraid of losing myself if i went for something thats not me though..)Please feel free to post pictures, links, ideas, WHATEVER! I'm open to it all :)  (even if its not color related & just garden wedding ideas, thats always great too)

(p.s - doing this without a planner)

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