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Married as of Fri, the 17th...recap & revues

What a day it was! I got up around 7:30, fed my daughter her breakfast and took her to daycare for 1/2 day..I drove and picked up my paycheck, tanned, had my mani-pedi and then met FI at the courthouse to get our marriage license.  Went and picked up Cadance at daycare about 1:30.  We were originally going ahead and doing first look photos to get them out of the way but at the last minute, he decided he didn't want to do it, he thought it was bad luck so I had to call my hairdresser and bump up the time for her to do my hair.  Went to the venue around 2:45 and the cake was already set up, absolutely beautiful! My mom was having her make-up done just 5 minutes from the venue so she got there about 3:30..By then, I was up having my hair done.  Moms hair girl was probably an hour late so she went down and set up the pics and candles on the memorial table and then came back up and played with Cadance until her hair lady got there.

I totally lost track of time, there was no clock in our room but wow, time was flying! Our photographer wound up getting there way late! After the first look photos were cancelled, we were going out to the gazebo for just us girls to have pics, which should have been from 6 to 6:30...that went out the window with the photographer running late so we did some shots of me up in the room.  Well all of a sudden, the coordinator came in and said, its 6:20, how are you guys doing up here? OMG! 6:20??!!! Wasn't it just 5:00?? We were all dressed except Mom so she sprung up off the couch to gather her stuff and rammed her toes into the couch leg and broke another toe! She had broke her 2nd toe on Tues and now had broken the 3rd she goes and gets dressed and then everything from that moment was a total blur LOL!  The coordinator comes back and I hear her tell someone she has tried to call the groom but couldn't get an answer, by then, the guests were starting to arrive..he was at a bar with his guys so I told her where he was and they tracked him down.  We all went downstairs to wait to go out and I could see him in the parking lot and he looked so darned cute! So my BM and my daughter (flower girl) was escorted out and that left me and Mom to stand there, she was nervous I could tell and was telling me how much she loved me and how proud she was of me..So here comes "that lady" again, it was time for us to go outside.  I hardly remember walking up the aisle, I was looking at Andy and he was looking at me and it was such a surreal moment.The ceremony lasted maybe 15 minutes and we were done! It was great!

Around 7:30 ish, we started our photos, well due to the position of the sun, we would all pose and she would take a shot, some of them were whited out due to the sun so she kept having us move to another spot and then seemed to go on forever..Well, here comes the coordinator again and told us it was 8:10!! Dinner was supposed to have started at 8! So we were on about 1/2 delay which I hate our guests were waiting so long for us in there! But our entrance was so much fun, we were introduced as Sexy and I know It was playing, such a party atmosphere with the daughter was so ready to dance by the time we got down there.. we stood for a minute on the floor in front of the head tables so ppl. could take pictures then we were lead to the buffet tables and got our food and then the guests followed..

Then we had the bouqet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting..Oh lordy..we got each other good after agreeing we would NOT be smashing cake in each others face! We originally was just going to feed each other with no mess..well, he started to feed me and then he pretty much smashed it in my face! I was kinda ticked so I did it back..everyone was laughing so hard!  I did notice that a lot of my friends and cousins were missing which kinda upset me for just a minute...Mom paid an extra $400 for all these missing guests.  My Dad was there and he not once came up to me to hug me, congratulate me, talk to me, nothing! :( 

We opened our gifts that night and got some great stuff!! We got a set of Bobby Flay cookware, YAY! We have been using my Moms old pots and pans from probably 10 years ago! We got close to $1000 in cash, checks and gift cards..I am so greatful for everything we got and every that came and shared in our special day!

Nowfor my reviews....(I've seen these before so Im winging it on the wording)

DJ Brian-Mom and I worked SO hard for months gathering songs we wanted played and she went over the list the next day and there were probably 20 songs he did not play so I give him a B, because he did have the dance floor packed!

Royal Icing by Jillie-The fondant we sampled was good and she said she would put just a THIN layer of fondant over the buttercream.  On tasting it, it was a thicker layer and you really had to work at cutting the cake to eat it (I didn't even eat a piece that night) but am going from what Mom said so I give her a B

Our photographer gets an A, even though she was late, she took a ton of pics, probably 300-400 and only charged 200 and the ones she has posted on FB look great so far!

Toris Station-I give them a B...the "golden fried chicken" was not golden, it was definitely overdone.  The coordinator was good to work with, she tried to keep it on a timeline but it was pretty much not her fault that we were late in getting in for dinner, it was the suns position and 2 drunk groomsmen that really held us up.

Fig Tree-I give them an A, our bouquets were beautiful and very fragrant even though mine are wilted now but I had a bouquet out of stargazer lillies and Mom said those don't last too long anyways.

My seamstress-for all the work she did, I do give her an A- and that minus is because one side of my bustle kept coming loose and I was resbustled probably 6 times during the night!  At one point, I went to step on the dance floor, not knowing it had came loose AGAIN and would up stepping on it and falling on the floor! I got so fed up with it falling out that I had someone take the entire back and just stuff it down the back of my dress!

So all in all, I am glad it is over now, the night went SUPER FAST! And I am officially married now!!

Cheryl (25) Andy (24) Newlyweds as of 8-17-12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker pregnancy week by week

Re: Married as of Fri, the 17th...recap & revues

  • Wow! Sounds like some craziness happened with people being late your mom breaking her toe your dad not bothering to come say hi. But overall as long as you had a good time have lots of fun memories its good! Exciting to be a Mrs. Now eh? :D
  • It was definitely craziness!  But yes! Very excited to be a Mrs and married...I know my Mom is relieved for it to be over as she hobbles along :(  I felt so bad for her but she is a trooper, walked and danced through all the pain! And my Dad, we have never been on good terms but I figured he would have said something to me, anything but not a word..Mom wanted a picture of me between them and he didn't even speak the whole time..Frown

    Cheryl (25) Andy (24) Newlyweds as of 8-17-12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker pregnancy week by week
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