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Cute Poem For The Bird Seed Tossing

Hello All,

We're doing the traditional bird seed toss at our wedding Aug 11th and I was just wondering if anyone had a cute poem or anythning that we could put on the table with the little bird seed packets?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Cute Poem For The Bird Seed Tossing

  • Ah, the beauty of Google... I tweaked these so they made sense with bird seed or so they sounded better. My inner poet couldn't resist.

    Each small seed
    A tiny prayer
    From all of us
    Who really care

    Toss these seeds of good wishes
    for the new Mr. and Mrs.

    Toss in the air and sprinkle around,
    to shower the newlyweds whose joy has been found.
    When Mr.Jfiller and Jfiller exit as a pair,
    please throw these seeds high in the air.
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