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8/28 mountain-lake elopement [PIP]

We booked this elopement package 19 days before our wedding day.  It is in Canada, but we are not Canadian - nor have we ever been here!  We just wanted to see the Canadian Rockies.  H's parents were our witnesses as my family and his sister were unable to travel (even to our state) at the time.

We had many things in place already - dress, suit, etc - so we only had to get a few things ready prior.  Plus I had been eyeing this lodge for months so I already knew about it.  The day was perfect!  I cancelled a hair appointement, because I really wanted to hike on our wedding day, so that's what we did.  I did my own hair and makeup.  We mostly got ready together, the H went and waited at the lodge, while the photographer helped me into my dress.  Then she went to get photos of H and to set up the first look and tol dme what time to come down from the room.  It was perfectly timed.  We walked in together arm and arm as it's a Swedish custom (H's side is super Scandinavian).

We got into the canoe afterwards and it was a blast.  We have this same exact canoe at home (in green) so we were pretty comfortable.  I amazed the onlookers with my canoe loading/unloading skills in a wedding gown and high heels.

Here is a link to some teaser photos - this is about half of what is to come!

And a few faves if you don't want to click on the link!

This was the ceremony location - stunning!

I cried a little when I saw my bouquet!  I only set the planner 3 photos of bouquets I liked and this was the most perfect combination of them all.

Emerald green shoes to go with Emerald Lake

The canoe was so fun.  I have the same exact canoe at home, so it was easy.

She managed to get us stand in this ice cold glacial lake!

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