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Hi knotties.  I need help.  I am so torn.  In Ohio, August is Hot and Humid.  I am really torn about colors.  I was thinking Light Pink & Sage Green ..or  Shades of Blue & White.  Any ideas?
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  • I'm in Michigan and the weather always seems hit or miss. I don't know if it's going to rain or snow or if I'm gonna sweat my a$$ off in August. Honestly I like both the choices you listed above but I think I like the light pink and sage green combo the best.
    I decided to go with teal, green and plum for my colors, I'm hoping it represents the end of summer into fall. Good luck and I hope to hear what you decided on!! Laughing
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  • Hi. amynwade.... I was looking at some pictures of Ohio in the summer to help with ideas, I think Apple Green, Ivory, and Magenta might look beautiful.
    I included a link for you to check out some visual ideas :)

    We are getting married in Puerto Rico but I decided to go with darker colors instead of bright tropicals.
    My colors are Latte, Chocolate Brown, and Peacock Blue. Since our wedding is in the evening, I wanted something warm & romantic.

    Good Luck with your choice! I'm sure whatever you pic will be beautiful!
  • Thank You so much girls.  I loved the link!!  
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  • I also live in Ohio (Centerville)... I am considering shades that remind me of a sunset; bright reds, orange and yellow. The other colors I have thought about are pale pink, orange, green and cream. Two very different paths, but both great for Ohio this time of year.
  • I love the idea of Sage green and then accents of pink.  If it's really hot and humid though maybe switch to a brighter pink instead of light pink.  But I think the bright pink accents with sage green dresses and what now would be beautiful!
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