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I dont like cake

Prob one of the only brides that doesn't, so since my cake is included in my wedding package, I am letting my fiance' choose what kind of cake it will be. Of course I will give my input of what it.will look like. Should I be scared? Does anyone else who doesn't like cake have some creative suggestions for alternative things my.bakery can do? And nice to meet all you lafues, this is my first post and all your dicussions have been so helpful. congrats girls!

Re: I dont like cake

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    Cake isn't required. You could do cheesecake, pies, cookies, cupcakes, whatever you want.

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    I've seen all kinds of different desserts done, usually in addition to a cake.  I think cookies iced in your wedding colors would be gorgous, or pastries on cupcake stands?  Maybe your bakery has something special they do as an alternative.  Good luck! 
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    I would pick something you do like. Though, stick witha  cake as well- lots ofpeople look forward to the wedding ckae.
    Do you like cookies, brownies, candies?
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    My FI also doesn't like cake but we actually found a cake baker that he really enjoys. We had ruled out cake until we tried a sample of this place. I'd say do your best to try some, you might be suprised by all the unique flavors. Also, if you really don't want/like cake you can always do something else, like PPs mentioned.
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    Our family friends did a whole bunch of types of pies.  What kind of dessert do you like?  Perhaps start with that, and explain that, and see what they can offer.
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    My friends actually did a classic cake but the top was a brownie since neither of them liked cake. This way they could still do the cake cutting and everyone else could have cake but they could eat the brownie.
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    You could have other dessert options instead of cake (like PPs mentioned). 

    FI and I have a favorite frosting, so we just requested that specific frosting on our cake.
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